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Multi brands

We aggregate data from connected vehicles of various automotive manufacturers to provide comprehensive solutions as a trusted third party. Simply enable data collection from our platform without any physical intervention.

Data enhancement

We consolidate information from multiple sources to help you make informed decisions and take proactive actions at any time.

SaaS platform

With our SaaS platform, visualize your activity and make more informed decisions. Improve your operational efficiency, gain perfect knowledge of all events generated by your activity, and reduce risks. You can improve your company's profitability while better meeting your customers' needs.

Explore our core features

Simple yet powerful tools to make your daily life easier.

01. Geolocate and recover stolen vehicles

Our 'Find My Car' feature allows you to easily track the real-time location of your vehicle, from anywhere and at any time. Simply activate the geolocation of your vehicle on our platform.

02. Your companion for maintenance.

Our technology combines machine learning with your vehicle's sensor data to accurately predict potential mechanical issues before they occur, providing you with the opportunity to address them before they become costly repairs.

03. Accidents history and reconstruction

Our technology detects accidents in real-time and immediately begins recording the moments leading up to the impact. You will also have access to a detailed map of the events, including a summary of critical information you need.

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